Sunday, February 1, 2009

Coffee Bean Chronicles - Feburary coffee pick of the month -MMMMMMMMMMMMmm

It is a cold Altanta morning, well cold by southern standards. I brewed some bold Guatemala Antigua from a batch last week and it is rich and wonderful. No bitter taste and it is so wondeful. I need this still I am realigning my retirement portfolio. I am moving stocks to GMNA and BONDS for the year. Stocks 40, Bonds 30, GMNA 30. I think the market will crawl with min. growth uintil June and start to pick itself up. September it will start walking alittle but it will be concern over some of the debt that can not be paid back. The financial institutions will start leading under new rules of engagment, which is loan to those who can pay back. It is better to get a lower return on investment than none at all.

As I drink the coffee, it's richness is better at room temperature and not too hot. I brewed this coffee in an espresso brewer( perk!!!). I am finding out that perk is richer that drip or french press. Ah... more to come...