Monday, December 26, 2011

Coffee Car Hits The Road!

First there was the gas car and then the electric car, but now the latest invention of transportation coming from the UK and it is the coffee car.  Yes, the coffee car.

Martin Bacon and his team of Teesdale Conservation Vounteers from Durham, England  have invented a car that runs on coffee grounds.  The car broke the world land speed record for cars powered by organic waste that was held by a group of Americans called "Beaver Energy", who developed a vehicle powered by wood pellets, the Beaver XR7 which achieved 47mph.
The coffee car averaged 66.5 mph and won its place in the Guinness book of World Records. The car was an old Rover SD1 and used coffee grounds salvaged from local shops was used to power the car.

This is just another way to recycle your coffee grounds from pot to gardens to cars.  

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Woman + Coffee = Less Depression

Another study concerning depression and coffee was released and it is no surprise that coffee helps people with depression or those who are likely to become depressed.  This is not new news but it reinforces that idea of something in coffee makes you a happy person, jut like chocolate.  Now there's a great mixture, chocolate coffee.

Albert Ascherio of Harvard School of Public Health  headed the research team that studied a group of women for 14 years dating back to 1976 and measured their coffee consumption during that period.  They classified the women according to how much coffee they drank and followed them for an additional 10 years.  That is a very long time and I really have to hand it to the team for do this for  24 years.
The  team studied more than 50,000 women enrolled in a health study of nurses. The women had an average age of 63, and none were depressed when they enrolled in the study. 

The conclusion of the studies are as followed

1.Women who drink four cups of coffee a day are 20% less likely to become depressed               than women who rarely drink coffee.

2. Women who were in the top fifth of the overall caffeine consumption, chocolate and soft drinks also had a 20%  lower risk of depression that the bottom fifth.

Known Facts

Caffeine is the most popular central nervous system stimulant in the world, and coffee consumption accounts for about 80 percent of caffeine use. Drinking coffee offers a boost of energy for a short time, so in order to maintain the natural 'HIGH' more coffee must be drunken.  Maybe that is why most coffee drinkers  love their coffee first thing in the morning and one in mid morning.  It is cheaper that the energy boost drinks!

Ascherio said there have been very few studies that look at the long-term effects of coffee consumption. One smaller study in Finland showed men who drank a lot of coffee were less likely to commit suicide.
And Ascherio's own team has shown that drinking a lot of coffee may be protective against Parkinson's disease in both men and women.  He said it is not yet clear how coffee might protect against depression, but there are some hints.

Animal studies have shown that caffeine protects against certain neurotoxins and brain receptors that respond to caffeine are concentrated in the basal ganglia, an area that is important for both depression and Parkinson's disease. 

Final Conclusion

      Drink coffee..........Eat chocolate..................enjoy your day!
But remember to eat and drink in moderation or the pounds will show and you will be bouncing off the walls!

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Enjoy your day and your coffee!
Deanna,  Morning Cupper

Monday, September 5, 2011

Your local Barista is working on Labor Day!

Today is Labor day and most of us are not working and enjoying the day off.  Around the world, coffee shops are open and the one person who makes sure that each customer's day starts off right is the Barista.  They comes in and work on providing the highest coffee drink quality to their customers.  They are always concerned about the quality of their coffee product and will ask the customer if in doubt about the coffee request. 

Yes... there are some that are just serving coffee for the paycheck and don't really care and you can probably name a dozen or so of that type but there are some who are really passionate about their trade and take it seriously.  The sad reality of this person is that some coffee shop owners do not realize the value of their talents and pay as little as possible.  They look at the bottom line of the day's recipts as a check of success or failure and then there are those who look at their employees and what they offer to the customers as a check of success or failure.

StarBucks Coffee is one corporation that seems to believe in the first check and not the second.  Hire the Barista and pay them peanuts.  In Chile, last month, some Baristas went on strike for better wages.  They were being paid minimum wages and working long hours.   They took a stand against their employee and I hope them did well.  They have unionized in that country and I have to say that this is a good think for workers in this area of service.  I am not a big fan of unionized labor but in some area of the work world you need this in order to make a decent living wage.   I have to appland some Baristta's in the states that staged a 1 or 2 days strike in order to bring to light what StarBucks Coffee is doing in Chile.   

So.... when you go into a coffee shop and order a latte or espresso to go, tip your barista and thank them for being there. 

Enjoy the day!
Deanna, Morning Cupper

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Multinational coffee companies march into the coffee farms with bags of cash!

This was not a surprise to hear that the major coffee companies have send their teams of coffee buyers with bags of cash into the coffee farms.  Let just say, they are marching to a different beat and the sound is money! 

Rising coffee prices have upended  the coffee trade and Kraft,  Nestle and Ecom Agroindustrial Corp. Ltd have send out teams of coffee buyers to 'woo' the small farm coffee producers to sell their coffee directly to them instead of going through the proper channels of the cooperative.     Cooperatives were formed years ago in order to have the small farmers to pool their coffee and to give them a bigger say at the bargaining table and a higher price for coffee.  Now. with the demand for coffee at a historical high because of increased demand( China, India) and back-to-back poor harvests in Central and South American, the big guns have come into the farms and offer to pay cash on the spot and at higher prices.   These companies for years played by the rules of the cooperatives like the rest of the smaller buyers but when they see that they may have to actually compete for coffee,  they changed the rules of play.  The cooperatives is a stable entry of business for the coffee farmers and they are there in good times and bad times to work with them. 

The high coffee prices will not last for long because the weather is good and harvest is coming in bigger and they will disappear as they always do when the price of coffee falls and the farmers who danced with them in the past will not have a partner in the future.  Hopefully the coffee farmers will wise up and see that a long term relationship with the cooperatives is better than  a one night stand with the multinationals.

FYI:  one lb. of coffee is equal to 60-70 6oz. cups of coffee.

Enjoy your coffee and remember that the best coffee is fresh roasted coffee.

Deanna,   Morning Cupper

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Coffee Prices on the Rise Again!

All the major coffee retailers are increasing or have already increased the cost of a pound of coffee this year.  Coffee per pound has increase $1.50 to $2.00 in six months.  There are a few reasons why and we probably all now that when the cost of fuel increases so does everything else that is tied to fuel cost.  We in the states have enjoyed low prices at the pump for a long time and cheap goods.  The other side of the world, Europe and Asia have been living with high fuel prices based upon their monetary environment for a long time, so this is not new to them, but a kick in the pocket for us. 
StarBucks announced in late May that they will be increasing their coffee and coffee drinks by 17% in the United States and 6% in Canada.  A pound of good coffee was $7.50 and now it varies from 9.50 to 11.50(decaf) depending on the roaster.   But we love our coffee so much, we have not decreased our consumption at this time but it may slow down later this year.   If Brazil or the African(Ethopia or Kenya) coffee farmers have a low harvest and the demand for coffee continues to increase in the developing nations of China and India, don't be surprise if the cost of a latte is $7.00.

Now is the best time to invest in a burr coffee grinder and make your coffee in the comfort of your home with fresh roasted coffee and remember fresh roasted coffee is roasted and sold within days of the roast and not weeks of the roast.   One pound of coffee make 70-80 cups of 6oz. of coffee.
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Enjoy your day and coffee
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Young Americans drinking more coffee

A survey conducted by the National Coffee Association reported that forty percent(40%) of 18-24 year old Americans are drinking coffee daily  as compared to thirty percent(30%) last year.  The majority of the people within this age range indicated that they are feeling more comfortable with their finances and the  current economy.

The study, which the NCA has conducted annually since 1950, was done online from mid-January through mid-February with 2,826 people aged 18 years and older selected randomly from an online panel. Its margin of error is plus or minus 3 percent.  On a more mature note, daily coffee drinking among 25-39 year old Americans increased to fifty-four percent(54%) from forty-four percent(44%) of last year.

It is also noted that the younger age group are go back to the more expensive gourmet coffee, espresso drinks and premium roasted coffee.  The instant coffee stick packs are not a big hit in this age group, with only 2 percent(2%) indicating that they buy the sticks regularly.  AH....  thank god their taste is more mature in this area.  Hopefully the instant stick packs will become part a hiker's selection of food groups.
As for the wonderful single serving coffee pod, it is more of a office and restaurant convenience and not a household 'must have' coffee addition.  There is something missing.....  the smell of fresh brewed coffee, the fact that the beans were ground a few minutes or hours ago.  Some things in life can not be modified or duplicated!
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Enjoy your coffee and day!

The Morning Cupper

Monday, March 14, 2011

Coffee prices hit record highs. This will be for some time!

Tanzania and India are reporting price increases of their coffee on the market.  Tanzania coffee is rich and high quality and the demand of this type of coffee is increasing as Asian and Pacific Rim country residents are being introduced to coffee.  India Monsoon Malabar Grade AA is going up also even though it a  "OK" quality coffee.  The India Monsoon is good with a blend but the single taste is on the blah side.  The weather this coffee cycle year has not been good to the coffee farmers in Brazil(floods, rains) and in Africa(droughts).  The supply of coffee is low and the demand in the market is high.  With the introduction of Asian and Pacific Rim countries to drinking good coffee and the workers are now being paid a good salary because of offshore manufacturing, they can afford the luxury of coffee.  Enjoy good quality coffee is becoming a luxury but it is one of pure enjoyment.  So, if you see your Mocha, double hit espresso price increase, think of it as the price of  luxury and maybe someday it will go down, but no time soon.

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Enjoy your coffee and your day!
Deanna, morning cupper

Monday, February 28, 2011

Coffee Prices Hit 34 Year High

Well..  I saw it coming down the road late last year and it was only time that the increase in coffee prices would hit us in the pockets.  During the past 12 months alone, those prices rose by 145% which has led to retail price increases. Some of the big coffee companies have already increased their coffee prices three times during the past year.  There are other smaller companies that have not raised their prices but getting pretty close to doing so.  Don't be surprise to see your favorite coffee shop pries increase  5 to 10 cents.  You can only hold the line on prices for so long before making a lost.

Numerous nations are struggling to sustain their coffee crops while demand keeps rising. As a result, inventories have fallen to their lowest levels since the International Coffee Organization (ICO) started tracking this data in the 1960s.  Over the past three years, Columbia largely drove the rally in the coffee market . It suffered from a string of bad crops, partly due to heavy rains and partly due to its program to replant coffee trees.  Coffee trees do not live forever and replanting will ensure continuous supply of good quality coffee.
Meanwhile, Mexico is suffering a bad crop due to low temperatures and Brazil, the world’s top coffee exporter, could have a small harvest of low quality beans as well.  Most industry insiders say Arabica bean coffee prices are headed to at least $3 a pound.

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 Deanna Helie, Morning Cupper

Monday, January 31, 2011

Coffee prices are increasing this year

It was only time before the cost of coffee beans would hit us in the pocket.  The bad weather in the Indonesian coffee region and in Colombian region has pushed the demand for these regional coffees up.  Another factor in the coffee market this year is the increase demand of coffee in two developing countries, China and India.  More people are able to afford coffee in these countries and this has increased the demand of coffee.  You will probably notice a cost increase for Colombian coffee as much as $1.00 per lb.  The Indonesian coffee as well is on its way up as much at 1.00 per lb.   Just like anything in the commodity markets, if the demand increases and the supply decreases, prices go up.  Hopefully next year it will become more stable ( weather wise) for these two regions and coffee prices will go down.

Even with the price increase, it is still a good purchase to order fresh roast coffee and enjoy the rich, fresh taste of fresh, ground coffee. 

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Enjoy your coffee!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Organic Coffee. What is behind the labels

Not all organic coffee is the same when it comes to cerification.   Organic coffee does cost more because the money is being past to the farmers at a higher price, and the growth of organic coffee( shade grown) may be slower and thus getting it to the market is limited.  While your coffee selection comes down to personal taste, learning what the label on the bag may justifiy the cost.

USA Certified Organic:  Grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers

Bird-Friendly: Grown using shade management practices, to foster conditions on coffee plantations that provide good bird habitats

Fair Trade: Small farmers get a fair price for their coffee  and are encouraged to use practices without the use of harmful pesticides or child labor.

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Morning Cupper

Monday, January 10, 2011

Coffee Bean Chronicles - Everyone does not have same taste!

Good Morning;

I have noticed that there are a few people in our coffee industry that insist that their taste descriptions of coffee is scripted in stone and if you disagree, you are wrong.  People who have been in this industry for a long time think they have the perfect palate and they are the only ones who can tell a good bean from a bad bean.  They are wrong and should take noticed that the world of coffee does not revolve around them.

Everyone has a different taste palate.  Someone may taste taste chocolate and spice in their coffee roast while someone else may taste citrus and smokey in their coffee.  It means that people's taste are different and that what makes the coffee industry so interesting.

I am always amazed on the ways that home roasters roast their coffee.  I talked to one home roaster who visited her brother, who roasted coffee in a hot popcorn popper and feel in love with taste of fresh roasted coffee.  She become a home roaster upon returning from her brother and roast decaf and reg.  She does her own blends and she loves it.  The best part is the saving in cost of buying coffee from the store.  Nothing beats fresh roasted coffee.   She did the research, and she is enjoying it.   She does a bold or full city roast and if she likes her blend, good for her!
Coffee roasted within 24 hours ago has an amazing rich taste and the taste as compared to store coffee is like night and day.

So... if you read that a certain coffee is bad or that coffee has a certain taste; don't take the word as final. Explore and find out if this a true taste of the coffee for you.   Many people are distanced away from certain coffee when they read a review and never question why.    This industry is not a pure science and one person's review is not the final word, it is just their opinion.

Do your own roast, enjoy exploring the blends and what works for you!

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