Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CoffeeBeans Chronicle - Spring is around the corner

For some of us, spring is finally here and for others it is a few more weeks of cold and snow.  This has been a cold and long winter for all and I hope you have enjoyed the strong balanced South American coffees during these months of winter.  When I think of winter, I think of comfort food and South American coffees because the two represent the bold, rich, warmth of sitting in front of a fire or enjoying the friendship of a few during the winter evenings.

Spring is the awakening of the sleepy bear or lion and the feel of warmth from the sun and longer days.  It is the light stepping of people that  remind me of the lighter body coffees.  The African and Asian coffees remind of of spring and summer, lighter in taste yet they hold the same outstanding richness of the South Americans.  They do not have the heavy body as their couisins across the sea but they are equal in richness and taste.  Start your spring by tasting the lighter body coffee and expand your horizon of coffees today. You never know what you are missing if you don't explore today!

Ethiopian Yirgatheffe, Tanzania Highland Peaberry, Indian Monsoon Malbar, the Indonesia twins, Sumatra Lintong and Sulawesi are just a few that have a rich coffee taste but a lighter body.

Enjoy your coffee and your day!

Deanna Helie
Morning Cupper
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