Sunday, July 5, 2009

Coffee Bean Chronicles - Columbian coffee prices increase

The price of Columbian coffee has increased in the market due to the demand and the short supply of it. This should not affect the price of a good cup of Columbian coffee at this time, since the time span between the purchase and the final product is around 3-6 months from now, but as usually happens, there will be some retailers and coffee shops that will increase their coffee prices just on the wind of the word. So, if you notice that the coffee prices have increase in your favorite coffee shop, ask why! This coffee is one of the favorites for blends, espresso and plain. It is one of the biggest sellers on the coffee market.

The price increase is minimal and it should not be affect the cost of the coffee considering that a cup of coffee is around 80 cents to make.
All the reason to invest in a good coffee maker and grinder and make your own and if you are interested in the next step, learn to roast your own coffee in your home. Nothing is better that fresh roasted coffee.

Happy sipping and enjoy the day!