Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Coffee Bean Chronicles - Coffee is not for drinking only!

The summer breeze is coming our way and what better way to enjoy your fresh roasted coffee buy over a bowl of ice cold vanilla ice cream. The taste of cold coffee dripping over ice cream just makes you cool all over. One of the most overlooked summer treats are the simple ones. Nothing fancy or takes hours to make but the simple cool/cold treats that you can make.

Brew your favorite coffee. I love the rich heavy taste of a bold roast of Brazil Santos and at times the bold roast of India Monsoon Malabar mixed with decaf Guatemala Antigua. Place the coffee in the frig for chilling. When you are ready to enjoy your ice cream, place a few teaspoons of cold coffee over the ice cream and enjoy.

Also you can freeze the coffee and and make a coffee float or milkshake.
Coffee can be used in many of our daily recipes and what way is the best for you depends on what you like to eat during the summer months, so experiment and find your perfect summer time treat!

As always, fresh roasted coffee, roast to your order and delivered is always the best and the price is below the store carried coffee. Coffee in any store is not fresh because it has bee sitting in place for weeks if not months before anyone uses it. Just think of the difference from eating fresh strawberries from the vine and eating the ones in the store. Big difference in taste!!

For the best prices on quality fresh roasted coffee:

Enjoy your cupping and cool down with cold coffee!