Monday, December 13, 2010

Coffee Beans Chronicles - Trouble in Ivory Coast = higher cocoa prices

If you have not heard through the news or radio, the African country of Ivory Coast had their elections and the past president refuses to step out even though all parties watching the election indicated that he did not win the election.  This may not seem important to you now but the Ivory Coast is the one of big producers of  cocoa and if civil unrest occurs, the cocoa export from this country may be slow down or even stop.

Now... you are probably asking yourself why I should be concern now?  I drink coffee ..oops.. I do love my mocha java and I just have to have my espresso shot with chocolate and whip cream!   If you drink coffee with any type of real cocoa additions, your price of your coffee drink may go up.   It should not go up but it may!

Supply of cocoa should be OK for 6 months and the brokers have stocked up on the event of civil unrest after the elections, so the price should NOT go up but you know how people love to play on fear!  Your coffee shop should have enough cocoa products for a few months, so prices should not go up,. cocoa or coffee.  

So, if you notice that the price of your favorite coffee  has increased, left a comment and include the name of the shop, locations and the coffee drinks that have increased and we will investigate.  The one thing that I hate is when coffee shop manager/owners  use fear to justify the increase in coffee prices.

Enjoy the winter weather with a good HOT cup of coffee and remember...

Fresh Roast...Fresh Coffee...Fair Price
Chamblee, Georgia, USA

the morning cupper