Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coffee Bean Chronicles - Cool Coffee!

Summer has finally arrived with a big bang in some parts of the country and when termperatures hit the high 90's it is refreshing to have an ice cold glass of coffee to enjoy and cool down. Alot of people ask me how to make cold coffee and it is very easy. You can enjoy cold and hot this summer. To make cold coffee, select a bold coffee that can stand up to cold temps. Costa Rica SHB, Brazil Santos(very good cold) and Columbia Vintage are excellent choices. They hold their flavors and body when cold. Make the coffee in a French Press for the best results.
When your coffee is finished brewing, add cream and sugar to taste. Remember that it is hard to disolve sugar completely in cold coffee. Pour the coffee in a glass container and place it in the refrigrator. I perfer glass over plastic because I notice the taste seems fresher in glass.

So when the hot weather gets you down and you need a cold pick me up, grab a glass of ice cold coffee and enjoy.

Happy sipping and enjoy the summer....