Monday, March 30, 2009

Coffee Bean Chronicles - So you want good Espresso

It seems to be the 'rage' to make your own espresso these days. I guess with the ecomony on the shallow end of the pond, people are deciding what to do without. Many coffee drinkers I know are realizing that making espresso is really not that hard and takes a matter of minutes.
You don't have to spend a fortune on a espresso machine or an espresso pump for good espresso.
You can buy a 'Bialetti' and enjoy making espresso whenever you feel to the need for high caffeine. The 8oz. bialetti is under 15.00 and it is fantastic. No mess, no fuss and it is portable. I do love the pump and it is great toy but not necessary.
Now.. let's talk coffee. You DO NOT have to buy expensive blends of coffee to get a good cup of espresso. Europeans stick to the basics and we go to the extremes!! Guatamela Antigua is a perfect coffee for espresso and Brazil Santos is so smooth that when it goes down, you will want more.
Now.. you can have good blends and they are usually a South American(bold and outward) and Pacific Rim/Asia ( smooth and fruity...) They complient each other and one flavor does not overwhelm the other.
Good Espresso is smooth and leaves a good coffee taste on our palatte afterwards. It slides down your throat and wakes up your tastebuds.

oh.. one more suggestion. NEVER drink espresso 4 hours before you go to bed or you will be up all night!

Good Espresso starts with a good blend:

Happy cupping!