Monday, September 5, 2011

Your local Barista is working on Labor Day!

Today is Labor day and most of us are not working and enjoying the day off.  Around the world, coffee shops are open and the one person who makes sure that each customer's day starts off right is the Barista.  They comes in and work on providing the highest coffee drink quality to their customers.  They are always concerned about the quality of their coffee product and will ask the customer if in doubt about the coffee request. 

Yes... there are some that are just serving coffee for the paycheck and don't really care and you can probably name a dozen or so of that type but there are some who are really passionate about their trade and take it seriously.  The sad reality of this person is that some coffee shop owners do not realize the value of their talents and pay as little as possible.  They look at the bottom line of the day's recipts as a check of success or failure and then there are those who look at their employees and what they offer to the customers as a check of success or failure.

StarBucks Coffee is one corporation that seems to believe in the first check and not the second.  Hire the Barista and pay them peanuts.  In Chile, last month, some Baristas went on strike for better wages.  They were being paid minimum wages and working long hours.   They took a stand against their employee and I hope them did well.  They have unionized in that country and I have to say that this is a good think for workers in this area of service.  I am not a big fan of unionized labor but in some area of the work world you need this in order to make a decent living wage.   I have to appland some Baristta's in the states that staged a 1 or 2 days strike in order to bring to light what StarBucks Coffee is doing in Chile.   

So.... when you go into a coffee shop and order a latte or espresso to go, tip your barista and thank them for being there. 

Enjoy the day!
Deanna, Morning Cupper

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