Sunday, March 8, 2009

Coffee Bean Chronicles - Tanzania Highland Peaberry

The weather is finally turning to spring and the temperature is 70 degrees today. Ah.. I forget to tell t you that the Daily Sip is blogged from Atlanta, GA. Those of you who are living in 20-30 degree weather at this time, don't worry, your turn will come. This is perfect weather for a coffee that is not overwhelming in taste and glides down your throat everytime. The wonderful aroma of fresh brewed coffee and the taste just wants you to get more. What coffee is this? It is Tanzania Highland Peaberry. This coffee is becoming well known in the states because of its smooth, mellow and well balanced taste. I love it because I consider it an anytime coffee. This coffee is an African coffee, so it NOT as heavy in color ( dark, sweetheart!!) as the South American coffees but it carries a great taste. Home Roasters would enjoy this bean to the second crack and pull the beans when you see the first sign of smoke or 30 seconds after the 2nd crack. Roasting times and temp may varied and one suggestion is 460 degrees for 15 minutes.

Got you thinking about this coffee, well order the roasted or green beans from:

well... the backyard is calling me, so I must move on and outdoors.

Enjoy your day and happy cupping!