Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Coffee Beans Chronicles - The smooth taste of Indoesnia Sumatra Lintong

Fall is coming fast and I love to wake up in the morning and sit outside with a hot cup of coffee. I finished roasting a large amount of  Sumatra Lintong as a medium roast and had some left over to enjoy.  Indonein coffee is not  brass and bold as South American coffee but it is  balanced and  rich coffee. I made myself a mug and did  2 scoops for 6 oz. in the french press. The coffee was goof but a little bit too strong for me.  I added a cube of sugar and cream and it was wonderful.  The sugar seemed to bring out the smooth, sweet taste of the coffee and cream added to lip smacking richness.  It was heaven. This coffee tasted better as it cool down and it really exploring with  rich taste within 5 minutes of the brew.
The lesson I learned is if the coffee is too strong, add sugar and/or cream to bring it to your level of enjoyment.    Great coffee.... one of the best of the Asian/African coffee community.

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Enjoy the morning and the fall season.

The morning cupper