Sunday, February 28, 2010

CoffeeBean Chronicles - Coffee isn't just for drinking!

A recent study published by the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry has found that the smell of freshly brewed coffee can actually lift the spirits.  So sniff and sip away and enjoy your coffee in the morning.  Not only is this good for you but doing it the 'simple way' can also perk up our garden and your plants.  Here is a gradening tips from an avid gardener(me!) who hates to throw anything away that may help my backyard!

Perk up your Plants
 Coffee gounds are only slight acidic and most of the acid is removed when brewing the coffee.  Worms love this ground mess, so add your grounds(cold of course) to the soil or if you have a compost pile, add the filter and all.   I mix my grounds with the soil around my roses and they love it.  If you are a tea drinker, do the same with the tea bags.  The tea is nitrogen-rich and a boost to the compost pile.  I have a small compost pile and the worms seems to sniff it out because when I place my coffee grounds in the pile with some leaves or cabbage leaves, it is packed with worms within a month

If you are not going to feed your compost pile or plants with your coffee grounds after making coffee, store them is a glass plastic container in the refrigrator for a few weeks.  Just make sure they are cool when you store them.

On that note.... enjoy your coffee, enjoy your day and enjoy your garden.
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Morning Cupper