Thursday, March 12, 2009

Coffee Bean Chronicles - Oh the Coffee Shortage of South America

You probably heard about the shortage of coffee from South American this year. Yep... I guess there is going to be a high price to pay for coffee in the states because of the shortage, but think not. If you weight the initial cost of coffee (farmers price) to the price the consumer pays, it is around 300% . There should be no raise in coffee prices in the consumer market. There will be some coffee retailers who will increase the price just because of this situation and there are coffee retailers that will take a smaller profit but still offer the same quality of coffee. So the next time you view the price of roasted coffee or coffee green beans, look back and compare.

The BlackGold Coffee Company policy is to sell at a fair market price. We sell our coffee fresh off the roaster and never store it in storage. So, be careful when you shop and remember, an educated consumer is the best consumer!

Enjoy your coffee and happy cupping!!