Monday, September 20, 2010

Coffee Bean Chronicles - Coffee prices may rise in a coffee shop near you!

It has been noted that the Brazil and Vietnam coffee community is hoarding their coffee releases to force prices to go up.  The good, old, basic economic principle of supply and demand game.  They can not hold out for a long time because their competitors in the market, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica as well as the African coffee communities will have an open door to sell more coffee.  

The coffee that you are buy at your coffee shop has nothing to do with the market because there is a good chance that the coffee was purchased before the price game.  Coffee price games have been going on for a short time and if the price of coffee stays at a high level for 6 months or more than maybe the cost of  a cup of coffee will be 5 cent more. 

For the coffee shop owners... there is REALLY no true excuse to raise the cost of a cup of coffee now or within the next 6 to 8 months.   Let's be fair about this... the price of preparing a cup of regular coffee is around 7 cents and maybe 10 cents for the mocha, latte, double whip cream and chocolate hit coffee.  In my opnion, coffee prices should NOT rise unless the greed factor is involved.

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Enjoy your coffee and your day!

Deanna, Morning Cupper