Sunday, July 18, 2010

Coffee Bean Chronicles - Dog Days of Summer!

The dog days of summer are finally here and if you live in the south, you can sure feel it starting in the morning.    For those who don't know the history of the "Dogs days of Summer", let me enlightened you.   The earth rotates in a tilted position around the sun and around July 3, the earth is the closest to the earth in the Western Hemisphere.  At the same time, the constellation, Sirus the Dog can be viewed next to the sun; thus the Dogs Days of Summer.  The Dog Days of Summer is from July 3 thru August 11.
The heat is hot these days and the best way to enjoy  your coffee is with ice cream.  Free roasted coffee mixed with vanilla ice cream is fantastic.  I have found that Brazil Santos, bold roast and Tanzania Peaberry, medium roast, ground in equal amount is a good blend with vanilla ice cream.  The fresher the coffee the better with this recipe.  I ground the coffee very fine as if I am making Turkish or espresso coffee.  Place a few  scoops of vanilla ice cream in a mixing bowl, add the coffee and mix it until the ice cream has a medium brown color, add more or less to suit your taste.
Oh....  add some chocolate syrup also and the ice cream explores with coffee and chocolate!   I freeze my coffee, if I have any left over and enjoy it over peaches!

So...  buy your coffee roasted fresh and remember BlackGold Coffee Company always roast coffee per order to guaranteed freshness.
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Live one day at a time and enjoy it.

Morning Cupper,