Monday, December 28, 2009

Coffee Beans Chronicles - Winter Season Warmers

Winter is here in full force and in some areas of the world, it is a lion! This is the best season to slow down the pace of your life,enjoy your friends, family, and good comfort food. I think coffee is one of the best comfort food that one can enjoy. It is simple, yet complex. It can be serve with an assortment of sugar, milk, cream, cinnamon, spices from the east or thick, black and strong(Turkish coffee). There is no proper time to drink coffee, for it is an anytime drink. It is one of the most universal food we have to enjoy and so many ways to enjoy it. You can drink, bake and cook with it. You can feed your plants with the coffee grounds after you have finished your brew (recycle 101 - jack up your plants with caffeine!).

Home Roasters can take time to experiment with roasting a blend of coffee beans for their own signature and enjoying the taste of rick, robust coffee, only days young. The art of roasting is one of skill, curious and the unknown.

I would like to wish everyone, a peaceful and plentiful end of year rites. Think of what you have and not want you have not, for there are those who are worse off than you. Enjoy your coffee, keep warm and always remember; the simple things in life are the best.

Winter Solstice to all!

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