Monday, March 21, 2011

Young Americans drinking more coffee

A survey conducted by the National Coffee Association reported that forty percent(40%) of 18-24 year old Americans are drinking coffee daily  as compared to thirty percent(30%) last year.  The majority of the people within this age range indicated that they are feeling more comfortable with their finances and the  current economy.

The study, which the NCA has conducted annually since 1950, was done online from mid-January through mid-February with 2,826 people aged 18 years and older selected randomly from an online panel. Its margin of error is plus or minus 3 percent.  On a more mature note, daily coffee drinking among 25-39 year old Americans increased to fifty-four percent(54%) from forty-four percent(44%) of last year.

It is also noted that the younger age group are go back to the more expensive gourmet coffee, espresso drinks and premium roasted coffee.  The instant coffee stick packs are not a big hit in this age group, with only 2 percent(2%) indicating that they buy the sticks regularly.  AH....  thank god their taste is more mature in this area.  Hopefully the instant stick packs will become part a hiker's selection of food groups.
As for the wonderful single serving coffee pod, it is more of a office and restaurant convenience and not a household 'must have' coffee addition.  There is something missing.....  the smell of fresh brewed coffee, the fact that the beans were ground a few minutes or hours ago.  Some things in life can not be modified or duplicated!
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Enjoy your coffee and day!

The Morning Cupper

Monday, March 14, 2011

Coffee prices hit record highs. This will be for some time!

Tanzania and India are reporting price increases of their coffee on the market.  Tanzania coffee is rich and high quality and the demand of this type of coffee is increasing as Asian and Pacific Rim country residents are being introduced to coffee.  India Monsoon Malabar Grade AA is going up also even though it a  "OK" quality coffee.  The India Monsoon is good with a blend but the single taste is on the blah side.  The weather this coffee cycle year has not been good to the coffee farmers in Brazil(floods, rains) and in Africa(droughts).  The supply of coffee is low and the demand in the market is high.  With the introduction of Asian and Pacific Rim countries to drinking good coffee and the workers are now being paid a good salary because of offshore manufacturing, they can afford the luxury of coffee.  Enjoy good quality coffee is becoming a luxury but it is one of pure enjoyment.  So, if you see your Mocha, double hit espresso price increase, think of it as the price of  luxury and maybe someday it will go down, but no time soon.

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Deanna, morning cupper