Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Coffee Bean Chronicles - Brazil Santos, hot coffee on a cold morning

People in Atlanta do not see alot of snow and most of the time it is cold weather and chilly rain. This past Sunday, the city received 2 inches of good packing snow during the afternoon hours. Itwas great to see the hugh snow flakes fall from the sky, dancing in the wind. It was in the 20's and not a t-shirt/short day. I made myself some fresh Brazil Santos coffee that I roasted earlier in the week. No cream or sugar, just black and it was wonderful. This bean should be roasted through the second crack and smoking! It has a rich taste that makes your taste buds want more. It is very balance, which means it does not taste bitter or weak and has very little aftertaste in the mouth, so you don't have to pop a mint in your mouth. This coffee should be more well known in the states,but the coffee cafes and stores are too narrow in their coffee selections and that is a shame. If you can try some Brazil Santos.

Happy cupping.... and enjoy the day!