Sunday, April 12, 2009

Coffee Bean Chronicles - India Monsoon Malabar - OH SO GOOD!

Spring has hit some parts of the country and it is just around the corners for others. This is the perfect time to enjoy a good well-balance coffee from India that is TOTALLY under the radar! The coffee jumps out with a smooth rich taste and has a wonderful coffee aftertaste. Some people have asked me about aftertaste of a good coffee. It is when the coffee taste lingers at the back of the month, has an enjoyable taste and your palatte wants more! Something like wine! This coffee is fantastic roasted bold which some people call full city. The beans have a clear dark chocolate color and smell great. The taste is not strong but it is not mild either. It is in between which makes this a good coffee for Espresso blends, for drinkers who like strong or medium balanced coffee with no milk or sugar. It is time for this coffee to be discovered in the coffee shops and at home as it can stand alone with no additives and yell with great coffee taste. India Monsoon Malabor is fantastic. This is a coffee bean that home roasters can not mess up!

India Monsoon Malabar - a diamond in the ruff!

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Enjoy your day and your coffee!