Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CoffeeBeans Chronicles - Decaf Coffee is not what you think!

The thought of drinking decaf. coffee makes some people's nose turn up and back off a little.  The thought of a cup of coffee with very little caffeine is unheard of for many but the awful aftertaste would make people run for the hills.   Most people who drink decaf. coffee are required to drink non-caffeine drinks due to various health reasons and one of them is breast cancer. 

Decaf. coffee is not 100% caffeine free. It is totally impossible with our current processes of decaffeinating.  There are three major ways to decaffeinated coffee.  The chemical process is probably the cheapest and the taste of the coffee tells all!  If you like the taste of chemicals in your month, go for it.  I prefer the Swiss Water process.  It does not use chemicals and it may be more expensive that the chemical process but the taste is better and acceptable.   The new kid on the block is the CO-2 process.  This process  removes 99% of the caffeine, just like the other two processes but the beans are not as cooked, thus the coffee beans are not as dark.

 I looked into this and did some test roasting of coffee beans of CO-2 and Swiss Water process.  The CO-2 beans were lighter in color that the Swiss Water but the end results was extremely close.
The taste of both batches of beans, bold and medium roast were the same.  I could not taste any difference.  The difference is the way the beans are roasted.  Since the beans are semi-cooked due the decaffeinated process, the roasting time is slower and shorter.  

Good decaf coffee is fantastic and if the coffee beans are roasted right and grind to a medium texture( sand between your fingers), you will enjoy a great cup of coffee and probably will not miss the high-octane coffee.

Afternoon  is the good time for decaf coffee for many.  You get some caffeine, the great smooth, rich taste of coffee and you don't have to worry about staying up all night!!

Try a cup of decaf. coffee, but be warn that now all decaf coffees are good, so do your research.

 BlackGold Coffee Company sell high quality decaf. coffee beans, both green and roasted.  Try some today and enjoy the change.. 

Enjoy your day and coffee...
The Morning  Cupper