Monday, April 16, 2012

Poop Coffee???

You probably have heard of regular coffee, decaf. coffee, flavored coffee and even chocolate coffee beans but  do you know about  poop coffee?

The most expensive coffee in the world is produced with the help of the Asian Palm Civet.  This animal  looks like an overgrown cat and is native to Indonesia, Mayasia and other surrounding countries.  It selects and swallows the highest quality coffee beans and only digests the outer coating, leaving the seed to be collected from its droppings or its daily releases.   think you know what I mean!
Digestive enzymes in the Palm Civet alters the flavor to  produce a very rich and chocolaty taste coffee.  This coffee is highly prized in this area but you will not find this type of coffee in your local food market.

The Formosan rock monkey also creates poop coffee!  The monkey eats the ripe coffee beans off the trees and spits out the seeds.  The seeds are collected and roasted to produce coffee that is brewed in Taiwan. 

Kopi Muncak is another poop coffee and is collected in the wild forest of Malaysia and Indonesia from the Muntjac ( barkiing deer).

You may say that poop coffee is 100% organic!

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Enjoy your life..  Enjoy your coffee..
Deanna M. Helie, Morning Cupper