Monday, January 31, 2011

Coffee prices are increasing this year

It was only time before the cost of coffee beans would hit us in the pocket.  The bad weather in the Indonesian coffee region and in Colombian region has pushed the demand for these regional coffees up.  Another factor in the coffee market this year is the increase demand of coffee in two developing countries, China and India.  More people are able to afford coffee in these countries and this has increased the demand of coffee.  You will probably notice a cost increase for Colombian coffee as much as $1.00 per lb.  The Indonesian coffee as well is on its way up as much at 1.00 per lb.   Just like anything in the commodity markets, if the demand increases and the supply decreases, prices go up.  Hopefully next year it will become more stable ( weather wise) for these two regions and coffee prices will go down.

Even with the price increase, it is still a good purchase to order fresh roast coffee and enjoy the rich, fresh taste of fresh, ground coffee. 

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Enjoy your coffee!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Organic Coffee. What is behind the labels

Not all organic coffee is the same when it comes to cerification.   Organic coffee does cost more because the money is being past to the farmers at a higher price, and the growth of organic coffee( shade grown) may be slower and thus getting it to the market is limited.  While your coffee selection comes down to personal taste, learning what the label on the bag may justifiy the cost.

USA Certified Organic:  Grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers

Bird-Friendly: Grown using shade management practices, to foster conditions on coffee plantations that provide good bird habitats

Fair Trade: Small farmers get a fair price for their coffee  and are encouraged to use practices without the use of harmful pesticides or child labor.

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Morning Cupper

Monday, January 10, 2011

Coffee Bean Chronicles - Everyone does not have same taste!

Good Morning;

I have noticed that there are a few people in our coffee industry that insist that their taste descriptions of coffee is scripted in stone and if you disagree, you are wrong.  People who have been in this industry for a long time think they have the perfect palate and they are the only ones who can tell a good bean from a bad bean.  They are wrong and should take noticed that the world of coffee does not revolve around them.

Everyone has a different taste palate.  Someone may taste taste chocolate and spice in their coffee roast while someone else may taste citrus and smokey in their coffee.  It means that people's taste are different and that what makes the coffee industry so interesting.

I am always amazed on the ways that home roasters roast their coffee.  I talked to one home roaster who visited her brother, who roasted coffee in a hot popcorn popper and feel in love with taste of fresh roasted coffee.  She become a home roaster upon returning from her brother and roast decaf and reg.  She does her own blends and she loves it.  The best part is the saving in cost of buying coffee from the store.  Nothing beats fresh roasted coffee.   She did the research, and she is enjoying it.   She does a bold or full city roast and if she likes her blend, good for her!
Coffee roasted within 24 hours ago has an amazing rich taste and the taste as compared to store coffee is like night and day.

So... if you read that a certain coffee is bad or that coffee has a certain taste; don't take the word as final. Explore and find out if this a true taste of the coffee for you.   Many people are distanced away from certain coffee when they read a review and never question why.    This industry is not a pure science and one person's review is not the final word, it is just their opinion.

Do your own roast, enjoy exploring the blends and what works for you!

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Morning Cupper