Monday, January 31, 2011

Coffee prices are increasing this year

It was only time before the cost of coffee beans would hit us in the pocket.  The bad weather in the Indonesian coffee region and in Colombian region has pushed the demand for these regional coffees up.  Another factor in the coffee market this year is the increase demand of coffee in two developing countries, China and India.  More people are able to afford coffee in these countries and this has increased the demand of coffee.  You will probably notice a cost increase for Colombian coffee as much as $1.00 per lb.  The Indonesian coffee as well is on its way up as much at 1.00 per lb.   Just like anything in the commodity markets, if the demand increases and the supply decreases, prices go up.  Hopefully next year it will become more stable ( weather wise) for these two regions and coffee prices will go down.

Even with the price increase, it is still a good purchase to order fresh roast coffee and enjoy the rich, fresh taste of fresh, ground coffee. 

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Enjoy your coffee!